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Proefschrift (Thesis):

A treatment wetland used for polishing
tertiary effluent from a sewage treatment plant:
performance and processes

De nabehandeling van tertiair RWZI-effluent in een moerassysteem: zuiveringsrendement en processen
(met een samenvatting in het Nederlands)

201 p.
ISBN 90-393-3414-5

promotie (dissertation):
8 september 2003
Universiteit Utrecht

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Dr. Ing. Sylvia Toet


Contents | List of publications
Chapter 1 General introduction
Chapter 2 Nutrient removal through shoot harvest of Phragmites australis and Typha latifolia in relation to nutrient loading in a wetland used for polishing sewage treatment plant effluent

(J. Envir. Sci. Health (2005) A 40: 1133-1156)
Chapter 3 Periphyton biomass and nutrient dynamics in a treatment wetland in relation to substratum, hydraulic retention time and nutrient removal

(Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Monogr. Stud. (2003) 139(3): 361-392)
Chapter 4 Denitrification in the periphyton associated with plant shoots and in the sediment of a wetland system supplied with sewage treatment plant effluent

(Hydrobiologia (2003) 501: 29-44)
Chapter 5 Pollutant retention and oxygen dynamics in different compartments of a wetland system used for polishing tertiary effluent from a sewage treatment plant

(Ecol. Eng. (2005) 25: 101-124)
Chapter 6 The effect of hydraulic retention time on the removal of pollutants from sewage treatment plant effluent in a surface-flow wetland system

(Wetlands (2005) 25(2): 375-391)
Chapter 7
Summary and general conclusions [summary.pdf]
Samenvatting [samenvatting.pdf]
List of publications

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